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Phone (248) 650-1800                                            Fax (248) 650-1856


Legacy Medical Group is an Internal Medicine practice located in Rochester Hills, Michigan, specializing in adult and geriatric care. We see our Patients in our office, hospital, rehab and in their homes.

Our Mission

Our goal is to provide first rate, personalized care with the focus on quality of life, decreasing medications and keeping you out of the hospital.

Service Locations

Our Providers are available to see Patients in:
  • Our office 
  • Private Homes
  • Independent Living Communities
  • Assisted Living Communities
  • Memory Care Communities
  • Adult Group Homes
We travel the North Oakland and North Macomb area.  


Hospital Staff Privileges

Hospitals we follow our Patients in:
  • William Beaumont Troy
  • Crittenton Rochester
  • Henry Ford Macomb 

Rehab Staff Privileges 

We are on staff at Heartland Oakland rehab

Becoming a New Patient

We are currently accepting new patients. Give us a call (248) 650-1800.      

 Did you know?

  • Legacy Medical Group has some of the lowest re hospitalization rates at Troy Beaumont and Crittenton Hospital. If you are a Legacy Patient, you are less likely to go back to the hospital after you have been sent home.
  • Legacy Patients have some of the shortest length of stay in the hospital. If you are a Legacy Patient your hospital stay will probably be shorter than other Patients.
  • Our average Patient is  90 years of age.
  • Due to our success in keeping people healthy on less medications we have a great following of younger Patients that come to our office location in Rochester Hills.  

  • Our Doctors and Mid Level Providers often do educational seminars in the retirement communities we visit, for associations, hospital staff and others in the health care service field.                 


  • We are fluent in English and Swedish.    
  • Taking more medications as you age is not a natural progression.
  • Your Doctor should tell you about the risk vs. benefits with your medications.
  • Your Doctor can tell you how much he/she lowered your risk of heart attack or stroke by giving you Blood Pressure Medications.
  • Urinary Tract Infections is one of the most commonly miss diagnosed conditions in the elderly today. Cloudyunusual colored, foul smelling urine, mental status changes, confusion etc. - Can be due to many things.
  • It is difficult to obtain a sterile, mid stream, clean catch urine sample from an elderly person. If not collected properly the sample will be contaminated and the results will look like a urinary tract infection.

  • Antibiotics in the elderly can lead to serious complications - like C Diff.